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Don't need all 3 bands? No problem! You can choose which ones you want individually!

Build the booty gains of your dreams at home, the gym, or even on the go! These bands are premium quality made for premium results! Designed with grip tracks on the inside of the band to prevent rolling and slipping so nothing can get in the way of your bomb workout! Our limited edition Bougee Booty Bands come in 3 different prints, sizes, and resistance.
1. Marble | Our HEAVIEST resistance MEDIUM band is the most marbleous of them all! You're sure to feel the burn with this one. Level: Advanced | Hard
2. Houndstooth | Our MODERATE -HEAVY resistance MEDIUM band is perfect for adding a challenge to your everyday workout routine for those Bougee Booty gains! Level: Intermediate | Medium
3. Damask | Our MEDIUM resistance SMALL band is a great band to add to any workout, loved for walking on stair climbers, added to heavier weight exercises, and even great for ab workouts! Level: Beginner | Moderate

Bougee Booty Band Invidual

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