Build that Bawdy with our new pushin’ cushions! Our premium quality Pushin’ Cushions are designed to make even the heaviest weight a comfortable booty building experience. Designed to make sure they stay on the bar bell tightly and secured the the pushin’ cushion comes with two velcro straps to keep it in place, and a handle strap on the end to conveniently carry to your next station! Made with faux leather they’re sleek in design and easy to keep clean, no more using the gyms gross hip thrust/ bar bell pads that get passed around , now you can have your own stylish and strong pushin’ cushion to tote! Currently available in 3 colors: Onyx, Marble, and 24 carat

Hygienic ✔️ Stylish ✔️ easy to carry✔️
Stays in place ✔️Velcro straps✔️ comfortable ✔️

Great for hip thrusts, squats, lunges, barbells,smith machine and so much more ! 

The Pushin’ cushion perfectly fits most barbells! In the case the straps may not fully go around the width of your barbell no worries, the cushion is made to be very firm and will get softer the more you use the cushion and have the perfect full fit once the cushion is worn in 💕

Pushin’ Cushion