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Now introducing our NEW Sauna Snatcher! The average sweat belt is used to help reduce water weight by promoting sweat in the abdominal area with the use of neoprene fabric lining the belt! The average waist trainer is used to shape your waist, help with postpartum,posture, and reduce inches off the waist with a good diet and exercise! Both the sweat belt and waist trainer offer amazing results... BUT what if we combine them into one trainer that shapes and snatches the waist while also promoting sweat to reduce water weight for the ULTIMATE Waist Snatching experience! Sounds like a dream right? Well, we love to make our dreams a reality here at Chiles Couture, this is why we have created the Sauna Snatcher! Thank us later ;)



-Hooks front closure + neoprene lining inside  ideal for an hourglass shape and losing water weight!

-Steel boned for waist snatching support and even helps with devoloping better posture!

-3 columns to allow you to adjust your trainer, as you become even more snatched! It's like having 3 sizes in one! It's also an awesome way to notice progress being made.

-Latex material which is great quality and durable, sure to survive even the toughest workout!

- neoprene material to promote persipiration + loss of water weight and bloating!



I'm wearing a medium and I'm on the last row for reference! Make sure to pay attention to the sizing chart which can be found in the pictures!




















Sauna Snatcher

Color: BLACK
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